5 Ways Campgrounds can Attract More Campers

Before we know it, the camping season will be here, and all those eager campers will be planning their camping adventures. So, how do you make sure your campground is fully booked? Here are 5 tips for attracting more campers this season.

1. Have an online booking system

Not only do today’s campers want to find campsites online, but they also want to book online. Making online reservations available for your campground opens you up to a wider range of campers who want to browse and book quickly and easily.

2. Update Online/Web Information

If you already have a website for your campground, great! To keep people interested in your website there are a few to-dos you should be checking off in 2020. Make sure that your campground’s information is up to date so people know what is available in your campground. Keep your website’s layout simple and clean; don’t clutter it up with ads. If you can, add new pages with new information and pictures of your campground so potential campers can see what you offer. And lastly, always add a link on your website to your online reservation system. This way, campers can easily book their campsite without needing to go searching. If you don’t have a website, that’s fine too. Two free options to connect with campers online are to create your own customized page with online reservations with Camp Reservations Canada or use a Facebook page. Both options will allow campers to find you and book their campsites easily.

3. Observe your current campers

By observing the general habits of your campers, you can collect valuable information that will allow you to promote your campground more effectively and provide services that offer a better experience for your campers. For example, are your campers asking about hiking trails? Consider developing an information packet with all of the nearby trails and publishing it to your website. Are your campers there to relax and do nothing? Maybe call out how far away the campground is from any major roads and highlight the quiet/serene nature of the campground. Are your campers really interested in documenting their trip through photos and videos? Maybe consider getting wifi for your campground to make it that much easier for them to share their experience.

4. Set up a Facebook account

Facebook is a really easy way to share photos and updates, and photos are a huge draw for anyone booking a campsite. People want to know where they’re staying and what it looks like before they get there, so the more they can see, the more likely they will be to book.

5. Have a good map of your campground

Once again, people really like to know exactly what they’re getting before booking a campsite. By putting together a simple, yet detailed map, campers can get the lay of the land and feel comfortable knowing what they’re getting into before booking. Avid campers are already thinking about where they’re going to experience the great outdoors during the warmer months. By implementing these tips, you’ll put yourself far ahead of the competition, and will have campers flocking to your campground.

Preparing Your Campground For 2020

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2020 everyone! We’re looking forward to a great year of camping. As we start getting gearing up for camping season, we’ve been working hard to uncover what gave some campgrounds a distinct advantage in 2019, allowing them to get more campers to their campground than ever before. After a lot of data and research, we’ve written up our top 3 ways to prepare your campground for 2020.

1. Take Reservations Earlier This Year

Being able to take campsite reservations online has changed the way that people are booking their camping. Through our research, we’ve discovered that campers begin deciding where they’ll be camping as early as January, and more than 50% have already chosen where they’ll be staying before May. Being able to take campsite reservations online means that you can book these reservations early, without needing to have someone in the office! This gives campgrounds with online reservations a huge advantage in booking early and not getting bogged down on opening day.

2. Reduce Your Time Operating Phones

One of the most challenging times of the year is opening day when campgrounds are flooded with phone calls, voice mails, and every other form of communication up to and including smoke signals. It is a crazy way to get back into the camping season and can back up your office and staff for days. This year, consider how taking those early online reservations might help even out how your campground takes their reservations. Instead of all at once, over the phone, we’ve seen campgrounds take up to 90% of their reservations online. This frees up your campground staff to tend to the campground and get the campsites set up for all the new campers.

3. Set Yourself Up For Consistent Summer Reservations

One of the most challenging problems that campgrounds have been trying to overcome is having consistency in their reservations. After opening day, it can be hard to keep those reservations coming throughout the camping season. Again, we’ve found that campgrounds that have an online reservation system show more consistent campsite bookings all summer long. Online reservations makes booking a campsite much easier for any camper and opens up your campground to campers from anywhere on earth. 2020 is gearing up to be a great year, and we’re excited to be working alongside so many campgrounds to help make this the best year for camping yet. If you’re not signed up with Camp Reservations Canada yet, getting online can quickly prep your campground for the new wave of younger online campers, and ease the stress of the opening day overload.

Want more information? Check out how to get online reservations with us!

50% Of Campers Want To Book Their Sites In The Pre-Season

Although winter is just beginning, avid campers can’t wait for the weather to heat up just enough so they can get back out there and spend some quality time with their true love – the great outdoors. These enthusiastic campers plan their trips months and months in advance and eagerly await the day (and the exact minute) that registration opens up for campsite bookings. 

We all know opening day can be an incredibly stressful situation. Our data shows approximately 60% of the year’s bookings come through in one morning. Campground attendants and managers are overrun with phone calls and voicemails for days. We’ve heard more than enough stories from staff members working that shift! 

This causes a problem where campers call every campsite they can reach the second it opens in the hope they can secure a spot… which means they won’t all get the campground they want. 

If campers can’t get the campground they like because of the opening day overload, they’re going to move onto a new one. That makes it hard to establish new regulars and build up new business. 

Further, our research has found that 50% off campers start planning their camping trips between January and May. The problem is that campgrounds either don’t have the man-power or funds to have someone taking calls all winter. 

But now there is an opportunity to be able to book those campers well before opening day, without needing a person on-site until the spring. By using an online reservation system. 

Having an online reservation system allows campers to start reserving campsites earlier in the year, without having to wait and call in. This offers an added layer of convenience for the customer, as they’re able to plan their vacations ahead of time, knowing they won’t be scrambling to find a spot at the last minute or waiting on hold for hours as the campground frantically tries to accommodate 60% of their customers at once. 

Online reservations also save campgrounds time and money, as it eliminates the flurry of phone calls coming in all at once, and gives campgrounds the advantage of knowing occupancy rates far ahead of time and being able to prepare accordingly. 

Get visibility for your campground, bring convenience to your customers, book your sites sooner and with FAR less hassle, all by signing up for our campground management system!

3 Reasons Why Today’s Camper Wants to Book Online

1. It’s quick

A user-friendly online booking platform can save customers a tremendous amount of time. While the traditional phone reservation experience meant customers had to pick up the phone and spend 3 – 10 minutes making a reservation, today’s online approach offers the ability to quickly browse campgrounds, and with the click of a button to find out what is and is not available. Now don’t get us wrong, one 3-minute phone call isn’t the end of the world. However, when it’s a few days before Canada Day, you’ve procrastinated and failed to make weekend plans, and every campsite is booked, you’re now in a situation where you can either call 15 different campsites before you find one vacancy or you can view in real time which campsites within your desired location can accommodate you. What was historically a stressful 1-2 hour experience of phone call after phone call is now an easy 5 minutes out of your day.

2. It gives the camper control

Any good camping adventure requires a significant amount of planning, and let’s face it, planning is hard work. On top of that, if a camper needs to interact with the campground directly via phone, it means they’re planning their trip on your terms, working within your hours of availability. Online booking gives the customer complete control by allowing them to plan their trip on their terms. They are not subject to campground office hours or staff availability, they can simply reserve when they’re ready.

3. It eliminates the guesswork

Planning a camping trip, especially with young children, can be stressful. There are many unknowns including what your site will actually look like, what amenities you will have direct access to, etc. An online booking experiences removes the guesswork and allows customers to select the specific location they want to be in, and see exactly what they’ll be getting, eliminating the unknown and the stress that comes with it.