Preparing Your Campground For 2020

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2020 everyone! We’re looking forward to a great year of camping. As we start getting gearing up for camping season, we’ve been working hard to uncover what gave some campgrounds a distinct advantage in 2019, allowing them to get more campers to their campground than ever before. After a lot of data and research, we’ve written up our top 3 ways to prepare your campground for 2020.

1. Take Reservations Earlier This Year

Being able to take campsite reservations online has changed the way that people are booking their camping. Through our research, we’ve discovered that campers begin deciding where they’ll be camping as early as January, and more than 50% have already chosen where they’ll be staying before May. Being able to take campsite reservations online means that you can book these reservations early, without needing to have someone in the office! This gives campgrounds with online reservations a huge advantage in booking early and not getting bogged down on opening day.

2. Reduce Your Time Operating Phones

One of the most challenging times of the year is opening day when campgrounds are flooded with phone calls, voice mails, and every other form of communication up to and including smoke signals. It is a crazy way to get back into the camping season and can back up your office and staff for days. This year, consider how taking those early online reservations might help even out how your campground takes their reservations. Instead of all at once, over the phone, we’ve seen campgrounds take up to 90% of their reservations online. This frees up your campground staff to tend to the campground and get the campsites set up for all the new campers.

3. Set Yourself Up For Consistent Summer Reservations

One of the most challenging problems that campgrounds have been trying to overcome is having consistency in their reservations. After opening day, it can be hard to keep those reservations coming throughout the camping season. Again, we’ve found that campgrounds that have an online reservation system show more consistent campsite bookings all summer long. Online reservations makes booking a campsite much easier for any camper and opens up your campground to campers from anywhere on earth. 2020 is gearing up to be a great year, and we’re excited to be working alongside so many campgrounds to help make this the best year for camping yet. If you’re not signed up with Camp Reservations Canada yet, getting online can quickly prep your campground for the new wave of younger online campers, and ease the stress of the opening day overload.

Want more information? Check out how to get online reservations with us!

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