50% Of Campers Want To Book Their Sites In The Pre-Season

Although winter is just beginning, avid campers can’t wait for the weather to heat up just enough so they can get back out there and spend some quality time with their true love – the great outdoors. These enthusiastic campers plan their trips months and months in advance and eagerly await the day (and the exact minute) that registration opens up for campsite bookings. 

We all know opening day can be an incredibly stressful situation. Our data shows approximately 60% of the year’s bookings come through in one morning. Campground attendants and managers are overrun with phone calls and voicemails for days. We’ve heard more than enough stories from staff members working that shift! 

This causes a problem where campers call every campsite they can reach the second it opens in the hope they can secure a spot… which means they won’t all get the campground they want. 

If campers can’t get the campground they like because of the opening day overload, they’re going to move onto a new one. That makes it hard to establish new regulars and build up new business. 

Further, our research has found that 50% off campers start planning their camping trips between January and May. The problem is that campgrounds either don’t have the man-power or funds to have someone taking calls all winter. 

But now there is an opportunity to be able to book those campers well before opening day, without needing a person on-site until the spring. By using an online reservation system. 

Having an online reservation system allows campers to start reserving campsites earlier in the year, without having to wait and call in. This offers an added layer of convenience for the customer, as they’re able to plan their vacations ahead of time, knowing they won’t be scrambling to find a spot at the last minute or waiting on hold for hours as the campground frantically tries to accommodate 60% of their customers at once. 

Online reservations also save campgrounds time and money, as it eliminates the flurry of phone calls coming in all at once, and gives campgrounds the advantage of knowing occupancy rates far ahead of time and being able to prepare accordingly. 

Get visibility for your campground, bring convenience to your customers, book your sites sooner and with FAR less hassle, all by signing up for our campground management system!

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