5 Ways Campgrounds can Attract More Campers

Before we know it, the camping season will be here, and all those eager campers will be planning their camping adventures. So, how do you make sure your campground is fully booked? Here are 5 tips for attracting more campers this season.

1. Have an online booking system

Not only do today’s campers want to find campsites online, but they also want to book online. Making online reservations available for your campground opens you up to a wider range of campers who want to browse and book quickly and easily.

2. Update Online/Web Information

If you already have a website for your campground, great! To keep people interested in your website there are a few to-dos you should be checking off in 2020. Make sure that your campground’s information is up to date so people know what is available in your campground. Keep your website’s layout simple and clean; don’t clutter it up with ads. If you can, add new pages with new information and pictures of your campground so potential campers can see what you offer. And lastly, always add a link on your website to your online reservation system. This way, campers can easily book their campsite without needing to go searching. If you don’t have a website, that’s fine too. Two free options to connect with campers online are to create your own customized page with online reservations with Camp Reservations Canada or use a Facebook page. Both options will allow campers to find you and book their campsites easily.

3. Observe your current campers

By observing the general habits of your campers, you can collect valuable information that will allow you to promote your campground more effectively and provide services that offer a better experience for your campers. For example, are your campers asking about hiking trails? Consider developing an information packet with all of the nearby trails and publishing it to your website. Are your campers there to relax and do nothing? Maybe call out how far away the campground is from any major roads and highlight the quiet/serene nature of the campground. Are your campers really interested in documenting their trip through photos and videos? Maybe consider getting wifi for your campground to make it that much easier for them to share their experience.

4. Set up a Facebook account

Facebook is a really easy way to share photos and updates, and photos are a huge draw for anyone booking a campsite. People want to know where they’re staying and what it looks like before they get there, so the more they can see, the more likely they will be to book.

5. Have a good map of your campground

Once again, people really like to know exactly what they’re getting before booking a campsite. By putting together a simple, yet detailed map, campers can get the lay of the land and feel comfortable knowing what they’re getting into before booking. Avid campers are already thinking about where they’re going to experience the great outdoors during the warmer months. By implementing these tips, you’ll put yourself far ahead of the competition, and will have campers flocking to your campground.

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